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Review: OhSnap Phone Case Holder

How does it hold up to the PopSocket or The Loopy?

Hey, fellow Eggcentrics! Jason here to introduce you to a new device to make it easier to keep a hold of your phone on the go. I bring you “OhSnap! The Phone Case That Doesn’t Suck.”

OhSnap! is the creation of designer Dale Backus (you might find the last name funnier later). Forget the day of the PopSocket or those fancy rings that would flap on the back of your phone. OhSnap is an innovative product and has loads of features.

“OhSnap. The phone grip that doesn’t suck.” Already you get the feeling that this is going to be an excellent product. The packaging is roughly the size of a phone, and with black, orange, and gray tones to the packaging, the marketing going into it makes it feel powerful and dominant.

On the back of the packaging, it shows:

  • that with it adequately attached to your hand, you can rotate it 360 degrees, allowing you to view the screen from various angles.
  • You can slide your phone up and down to get the best grip, no matter how you tend to grip your phone, or if you must reach certain parts of the phone while in use.
  • The actual gripping mechanism also acts as a kickstand so that you can watch movies or web content with ease.
  • It’s magnetic, so you can stick it on the fridge while you write down a grocery list or any metal surface that you can attach it to for easy tasking.
  • Since it’s magnetic, you can attach it to any magnetic car mount.
  • The frame is removable, allowing you to charge your phone wirelessly.
  • And, it’s 3mm tall, which is exceptionally slim and won’t stick out as some other grip devices do.

Now, let’s open the packaging, attach it to the phone, and take it for a test run.

After removing it from the packaging (there won’t be any saving that one!), we are treated to a smooth glossy magnet, inserted firmly into a plastic housing, and a sturdy band in the middle. I had already tested the band before removing it from the container, so you could already tell that there is a little bit of use from it. The top and bottom of the band are bowing ever so slightly that you can hardly tell unless you are the owner. I chose the Kelly Green color—one, because I originally wanted the green iPhones when they came out, but after switching to Android, that went out the window. Secondly, I like green, it reminds me of Green Lantern from the 80s DC Comics era, and I just really dug that feeling that it meant “willpower.”

Let’s move onto how it’s used.

  • If you work in a business office or have something metallic around that you can attach the phone to, you can play music, podcasts, have a timer running, make a to-do list or grocery list, or turn it on its side and watch your favorite YouTubers, television shows, and movies.
  • While we’re talking about it on its side, you can prop it up on a tabletop or desk and do the same activities as above.
  • Being able to slide the magnetic area up and down means that it is easier to reach different parts of the screen, such as swiping down a YouTube video, or swiping up to type one-handed, or even take selfies easier.
  • And, being able to rotate it 360 degrees makes it easier for selfies (as previously mentioned) or even group photos.
  • The magnetic bar removes so that phones can wirelessly charge.
  • There are several colors to choose from, meaning plenty of choices.

I used it for several hours yesterday, and here is what I experienced.

  • I’m not a one-handed typist or a two-handed typist for that matter, but one that pecks at his screen frantically with his forefinger. I liked having a hold of my phone, ensuring I wouldn’t drop it because I can be quite clumsy. However, I did the rough draft of this review on my phone, and holding it in that one position for that long did make the phone heat up. I do not blame the OhShap! for that, as it has not happened since.
  • The band is quite well structured. I tried shaking the phone off my finger (not frantically! I’m still paying off this phone!), and the phone would not come off my finger. For such a simple design, I am impressed.
  • I helped to crowdfund this project, so I received a discount on my OhSnap! I went to their website today to see what the price is now, and it is $29, probably not counting shipping, which is expensive for a phone holder. I liked the ingenuity of it, which is why I backed it, but if I saw it in a store and were not one for these types of things, I would probably look for a cheaper alternative.
  • I was expecting the middle clasp to slide up and down, not the entire magnet. It blocks my camera in its upper position, but I do realize that if I were using it and taking a picture, the whole piece would probably be down and out of the way.
  • I can’t use this with my Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal, which means that I will have to switch to my backup case when using the gimbal because even though the gimbal is top quality and holds my phone in place, I still question how long that will be before my phone was to slip out and fall while filming.
  • The ring stuck to my left middle finger due to the fact I had the clasp down towards the web of my fingers. You can’t do that. It must be around the central area for a guy my size (I’m not fat. Just stocky.)


OhSnap! is perfect for those people that can afford a quality phone holder that you can stick on any metal surface. I feel like if you are one of those people who continually grab for their phone if it is sitting next to them, having it away in a cubical the wall (if you desk area has a metal wall like mine) and forget about it and focus on your work. I found my productivity went up, knowing that I could use my computer for what I needed and not for any of the added fluff that my phone has on it to distract me. I wish the clasp were adjustable somehow, but looking at how the design is, I don’t see how you could do that without risking the phone flying off your finger. They do state that if the adhesiveness starts to wear down, you can wash that area, which in turn reinvigorates the adhesive and allows you to use the phone holder longer. I would compare this to the ring holders that you see in some cases or that you can buy separately, but for everything else you are getting out of this, I think for the extra money (if you can swing it) is worth it.

One last thing before signing off. I checked the price of a PopSocket, which is what my family had. They were $15 each. They now sell a charger on their website where the PopSocket fits in the middle of it so the phone can reach the charger and charge. It’s $60 which means you have spent $75 dollars by the time you are done.

I’ll stick with my OhSnap.

I rate the OhSnap! a 7/10.

What do you think, Eggcentrics? Would you buy one? What would you change about the product? Let me know in the comments below, and I will see you on the next installment of Get Eggcentric!

UPDATE 1/7/20:  The clasp that wraps around your finger will no longer stay flat. I have not overused the product, which surprises me. I mostly keep my phone on the wall behind my computer and barely touch my phone unless I don’t have my earbuds on, or I am not in my study working. At that point, if the phone is not in my pocket, THEN it is wrapped around my finger, and not where it was initially, making me believe the clasp should be more substantial in size. After numerous attempts, the fastener will not stay down. I have reached out to their support on their website, but being that I purchased this before the product was released, I am not sure they will be willing to reach out and help. We will see, and I will keep updating as we go.

UPDATE 1/8/20: A representative from OhSnap has contacted me and asked that I send a 20MB video showing the problem. I was able to recreate the issue on video and sent them the file. For those who don’t know the length of time 20MBs is, it is roughly less than 10 seconds of HD video. That may seem like enough time, but I had to rush and do a few takes to get the video just right. I would have liked to repeat the problem a few times so they could get a good look at the problem, maybe to not only help solve this problem but also perhaps fix the design in the future. As I am writing this, two days have passed, and I have not heard anything from them. I have started using my old phone case to protect my phone because of the disappointment of the purchase.

UPDATE 1/11/20: The support team at OhSnap was quick to respond initially, but now three days have passed, and I have not had a response to the video I sent them. Annoyed, I have sent them an answer to write back.

UPDATE 1/14/20: OhSnap Support’s team has responded, apologized for the situation, and assured me that they are sending a new one to me in the mail and I should receive it in the next few days. Three days later, I have received the product and only replaced the green band. I didn’t see the point in replacing the whole piece, so I have a backup should anything break on the plastic, or it no longer adheres. I have also watched their tutorial video on YouTube, which shows how it needs treating very; how do you say, “gingerly.” I will keep you abreast of how well this keeps up in the weeks to come. OhSnap has stated to me that being a small business and a new startup company, they will probably run into “bugs” like this and will continue to improve as time goes on. I have also seen on social media that out of the 30,000 they have shipped, only 5% have shown faults in the product. The fact that they sent me a new one at no charge to me makes me feel better about the company as a whole, and I wish them well in the future.

Jason Wilson is a blogger, writer, husband, dad, and enthusiast of new and exciting things. He writes for this blog, as well as Dazzling Comics, a blog centered around the comic book world. Jason’s hobbies include photography, and Jason has an experimental Tumblr called Memory Stock© in which Jason takes photos with an old 2012 Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera. He also loves movies and cartoons dating back to the Silent Era and could probably scare you about his knowledge of the animation and even the comic book world. His outlook in life is to read and write about adventures, as well as lead an adventurous life. If you would like to reach out to him, email him at